Kearstyn; "Lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow."

London, Paris, maybe Tokyo c:

Coming to a blog near you!


Started on Virus!Cry, got basic idea down, need to finish the other stuff.

Hopefully will be done sometime on the weekend. \o/

watching this right now. hehe (cutiepiepewds)

but i'd always save you, louis


[aggressively plans meet and greet pose for a meet and greet i don’t and never will have]

calaurand: Didn’t get to BBQ tonight but were still grilling. x


"you need to get over one direction" “they aren’t even hot" “boys won’t find that attractive" “they will never love you" “their fans are all 12"